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Post  Diplomat1 on Sat Nov 12, 2011 2:15 am


1. Try to be kind to everyone, If you can't at least try to.

2. Don't be a PVP Whore, The community doesn't want war if anything it wants peace

3. Respect or Admins and most Mods.

4. Don't be Asking "I NEED ALL OF THIS NOW BITCH" kinda stuff type /kit for basic resources

5. read the /rules

6. Try to avoid Griefing if you take over a faction (Which tip twos says not to) Don't grief it rebuild it make it better no one likes Ruins everywhere.

and finally

7. If you don't like the rules or don't like any of these tips you probably found the Wrong server try again.


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Server Tips Empty Sometimes, it's ok to PVP.

Post  SolarSelect on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:22 pm

The best defense against a PVP Whore, is to be a PVP whore. Also, I've had to destroy many bases of factions I've conquered or else they would recapture it and i can't hold it.

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