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[Application] Enricooop as Moderator! Empty [Application] Enricooop as Moderator!

Post  Enricooop on Sun Sep 30, 2012 12:44 pm

In-game Name:Enricooop
Mod, or Admin?:Moderator
What do you want to Mod/Admin?:Whenever any admin or mod is offline(Not necessary) I want to be the one that is keeping peace, Kick or Ban Hackers, Spammers, Advertisers
Help new people and guide them to "Great Success!"Aaand I just want to chill with people. I am very nice and helpful against people!
Why do you want this status?:I want this status so I can help or guide new people, Mute, Kick, Ban abusers,hackers, spammers e.t.c.
Past experience: I've been admin in the past, also moderator on two different servers! One of them is Grencraft the other TheColonies!
What you hope to achieve:I will help many! Including new people, Help other staff members with organisation and keeping people in peace.


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