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Post  firedog122 on Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:35 pm

In-game Name:Firedog122
Age: 29
Mod, or Admin?: Mod
What do you want to Mod/Admin?: This question makes no sense whatsoever.
Why do you want this status?: I have been on this server since it has started. Solar and i have started on the same time and he is a admin i believe. I have seen this server age and at this time, it is in a crappy age. The server is not prospering or doing good and i will like to help. Some people, like abnormal assassin, became mod after only a month a playing. My point is, i want to help the server and make sure it strives. Plus i am still only reg VI. May i add this is one of my favorite servers.
Past experience: I have donated and been mod/op/admin on previous servers. I know what to do with this rank.
What you hope to achieve: I want to keep the server going and make it free of griefers/spammers/hackers.

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