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Post  pager456 on Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:58 am

Ign: Pager_456

Age: 14

Do you want Mod, Or Admin: Admin (I will take Mod too)

Why Do You Want It: I want to help Stackcraft, Ive been on since the beginning I know the way things go rules and regulation, I know most everyone on the server and I have known them for a while. I just would like to help stack evolve back into its former glory.

Past Experience: I have been with stack like I said from the beginning since there were wars with kings and queens since before that time. I was a faction leader of Stronghold and that faction was going great until the server reset and everything went south. I can redstone excellently better than rocket boy at this point. I have extremely good skills at redstone and I know how to build and control people fairly. I used to have my own server but due to port issues I can't run it right now. I had my server for about a year or two then I had to shut it down. My server was active and just about as used as stack is (always at least 2 people on).

What I hope to accomplish: I would like to help stack evolve into its former glory, spread the word, tell my friends, I think I also can help stack with the people on it, I know how to run everything factions - all commands - and I know how to keep people under control. I Hope to help stack craft be the best it can.

- Pager_456


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